I'm good quite looking and popular, but I'm bad at talking to girls?

Ever since starting high school I've had more than my fair share of stresses and anxieties than most normal teens. So as you can imagine, from having embarrassing acne, frequent awkward moments and no friends for the first year of school, I still have the scars of regret whenever it comes to socializing
Anyway onto the point of my question, any girls, doesn't matter how good looking or popular will make me feel unbelievably uncomfortable when I talk to them. I have too many pre-conversation barriers for me even get a word out. About 15 girls either have liked me or do like me but I wouldn't be suprised if they thought I was gay for not doing hardly anything about it.
How do I get over being normal in conversation with girls? pts for good answers*
look at my profile pic to see me


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  • Girls like guys who are self confident. Or at least appear to be. A guy could be chubby, short, or whatever other "shortcomings" you could come up with, but if he makes her laugh, shows confidence in himself, and isn't afraid to take risks (like asking her out), he could end up hot stuff in her eyes. You are cute so you already have half your problem solved. I was always the "pretty" girl in high school but no one ever asked me out because they assumed I would shoot them down. Truth is, I would've gone out with almost anyone who would have asked me. Especially the dorks! I only date nerds now.. love'em! You just never know. Take chances dude!


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  • Uhmm.. You're hugely mistaken.

  • Maybe try talking to her with something you have in common or something you enjoy that isn't overly boyish like rugby or football, more like something that makes you feel comfortable talking about but without scaring her away... Give letting her know that you are a little awkward with talking to girls a try too, I'm sure some of them will find that "awww" worthy :)


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