Is boyfriend losing interest in me? why did he lie?

We've been dating for about 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. He texted me:
Him: Hey jaime? Did it hurt? O.O
Me: Did what hurt? 0.o
Him: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? <3
Him: how are you?
Me: Aw hehe <3 I'm good how are you? (:
Him: Very tired and hungry
Me: Then go eat something lol :p
Him: -_-
Him: If you could be any super hero, who would it be?
Me: Batman because he has an awesome butler and gadgets u?
Him: Spiderman!
Me: Nice. So watcha doing tomorrow or Friday ?
Him: I'm not doing anything tomorrow or Friday why?
Me: Watcha doing c:
Him: Trying to sleep -.-
Me: Ooh can I come over tomorrow or Friday ? :D
Him: Am I supposed to come over to your house this time? O.o
Me: It could be I come over to your house tomorrow and Friday you come over to my house? If that's ok:p or the other way around
Him: I have a lot of homework, I have to finish, sorry.
Me: Oh okay
Him: What about Friday and Saturday?
Me: Friday . Do you want to come over or I come over?
Him: I'll come over (:
Me: okie g2g gnite
Me: My mom said you can't come over because she isn't there so she said I can go to YOUR house if it's okay with you and your mom?
Him: It's alright with my mom and I. What time do you want to come over and leave? O.O

(Day later)
Him: Jaime, I can't come over on tomorrow and you can't come over today, I'm throwing up and I'm sick, I don't want you or your family to get sick. I'm sorry -.-
Me: O okay. Hope you feel better!
Him: I'll see you at school (:


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