Does texting means he likes me?

i mean this guy I used to not like him but since I have bin texting him I've bin falling for him even more... we texted almost everyday and he flirts with me hard core.. and were gonna hangout.. but the past few days he hasn't texted me.. is he ignoring me or what.. he says he will text me everyday.. but he hasn't bin so should I b worried.. has he 4got bout me I don't know what's going on could some1 tell me what's going on.. he says he likes me dose this mean he doesn't..


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  • No it doesn't mean he doesn't like you. What if he is busy? I also noticed that you are young (under 18) and possibly your crush is too. If so, your parents probably foot the cell bill and what if he went over his text limit? I think maybe you should relax for a couple of days...don't text him for a couple of days...and see what happens. My bet is that you hear from him long before the couple of days are up! When you are starting a relationship with a guy, you can't expect him to call or text you everyday...he's feeling you out and your feeling him out. Give it some room to will be fine. A guy doesn't have to call/text you everyday to signal his "like" or interest in you...don't get clingy! I know its hard not to come off as clingy...but good luck!

    • Okay thank you.. you were rite he was busy.. well thanx and will not try to be clingy thanx again..:)

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