Guys! What are the top deciding factors when you consider dating a woman exclusively?

If you are dating with the ultimate goal of meeting a great girl you can settle down with, what are the characteristics that will make you say to yourself, I've got to be with this girl. What is it about her that will make you forget all the rest?


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  • Mental stimulation really is key. At least it is for me, anyways, and if other people have different criteria I'm totally cool with that.

    If we can share intriguing conversations, thoughts, and ideas on things that we're both passionate about, then I'm likely to get hooked. And it does play a role in my attraction to her sexually, too.

    Also, there's just kind of this "it factor". This is the thing that's very hard to explain, and I'm not sure I can really put it into words. When the feeling is there, I guess you just sort of know can feel it. It's not quantifiable but it's a real thing for sure.

    • Lets say all the right "things" are there.. Would you prefer her to play coy or would you want her to be open about how much she likes you?

    • Me personally? I like openness and honesty. I like it when people are straight forward about that kinda thing, as that's how I am about it.

    • Thanks for MH! :)

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  • Main thing for me is mental stimulation. She HAS to be interesting to talk to, otherwise I'll get bored in the relationship.

  • I always date eclusively I suppose you could say I court which to be honest I do.


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