HELP! we went on two great dates, hadn't contacted me afterwards but recently liked 2 of my pics of Facebook.. what does that mean?

we went on two dates and kissed on the second date.. i personally had a lot of fun but ever since the date, he has been a bit distant from me..he'd see me and won't come up to say hi, only i had the guts to come up to him..
i guessed he wasn't into me anymore but why would he like two of my pics on Facebook? does this mean anything?

he's 26 by the way.

i came up to him a couple of times, he was nice but acted a bit ackward so i dont want to initiate anything.. im just wondering why he would like my Facebook pictures and not initiate somehing like text or call..


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  • Approach him and ask if he wants to do anything someday/sometime. Get an idea on how he feels about hanging out with you.
    Maybe he just wants to stay friends.
    Maybe he's afraid of approaching you because he doesn't know how you feel about him.
    There is not enough info yet. So, approach him.


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  • Ask him whats up and if he wants to get together.


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  • You need to ask him. You never know what guys think when they behave like that. Is he on the shy side, perhaps?