Why do i act/think this way about relationship?

Im in my 20s. Guys approach me a lot but once they learn about my personality, they hesitate. I do get gf offer but i would tell them " you're welcome to see other people too" ... I know its weird, i mean my esteem is pretty good. Been told I've got calm personality and pretty. I've been in casual relationships and its fine but sometimes i want more but i know it won't work out, either too old, immature, lack of chemistry..etc. but i feel like im the one who had ruined from the beginning. One guy only text me because i said " if its not important, just text" another time guy said i only want the sex because its a defense mechanism to not fall for him. & i said that he's not on point with what im looking for, although we had amazing chemistry and what more can you ask for right? For some reason guys i attract dont have lots of money and i dont like that. I feel that they would leave me for someone else although o wouldn't be crushed & no one has yet done that because i know im a catch. They fear i would leave at any moment & guard their heart, a guy told me. Arrgh im so confuse bc i would not, i think. I can only recall that my dad walked put but i was still in the womb. I feel that there are too many choices, why would you settle with me, and i you?


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  • I don't really understand your question. I think you're asking why you cannot find a guy who is truly compatible with your personality and way of life?

    Well I would answer that question by saying that you probably don't hang around the type of people that fit your personality. So, you're meeting people who have different life goals and desires than you.

    Decide doing things that you know you want to do, even if none of your friends would be interested in doing such things. It may be embarrassing at first having to go out by yourself, but I promise you will meet new people who likely have interests similar to your own. You'll likely meet new people (and guys) who fit the description of what you're looking for in a relationship.

    They will want the same things out a relationship that you do, and this will make you more compatible.


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