So I was at this party last night. and I was hanging out with my crush.

I was hanging out with my crush, and some other friends, and like we're in the basement playing with a Ouija board. so I'm like across and diagonal from him (were touching the arrow thing) and he's sitting there staring at me, with a little smile on his face. then he turned away then back again with a little smirk on his face again. then later, he was on the couch and one of my friends came down and hugged me he was a guy too, and like my crush starts looking at him then at me, e gave the guy hugging me a dirtyish look then looked away. so I said hmm, maybe I am making him jealous. later on that night, when I talk to him face to face he always had this gaze in his eyes, like he's scanning my face, then his eyes sit there relaxed so what do I do?

oh yeah and he also at the beginning of the part was like staring me down like while no one was paying attention


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  • it sounds like he likes you, does he know you like him? I'd tell him. it sounds like he'd like you too.