Are these signs this guy likes you?

What are some signs a guy likes you.

Also what are the different types of stares they give you and what do they mean.

Like when he stares/gazes at you for 10 or more secs at time even when he's busy doing something or talking to someone he still turns around and stares at me.

Then I do a quick stare look down and look back up about 10-15 secs later and he's still staring.

I know he only stares at me because most of the time there is no one else sat near or next to me.

Also when he stares he doesn't really smile but just has this look that he only ever gives to me.

What should I do should I stare back until he looks away or what else can I do really confused.

Also not very confident

We're both late teens and both single.

I know he's a normal type of guy not into drugs parting etc , would rather spend time with family so don't think he's a player type.

We've talk a few times about how each or is and fav tv shows etc .

Also he has on two different occassions that I was well mannered person I was a bit shocked so just said thanks


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  • I do this a lot!

    I won't smile, but if the girl smiles then I will for the most part.

    He's staring probably because he likes you. Also, he should be staring you RIGHT in the EYES.

    THis guy totally sounds like me haha.

    Basically, he probably is trying to figure you out. Like he's wondering if you are interested in him. He might not want to ask or do anything because he doesn't want to get rejected. He wants to be 100% sure you are into him and that you'll give him a yes if he asked you out.

    • Thanks he does stare me right in the eyes, Should I Stare and smile back or just stare and should I stare till he looked away or should I be the first to look away.
      Also is there else I can do to show him I like him to without saying it.

      I do like him so if he asked me out I would say yes.

    • Don't stare.. don't do shit.. TALK to him. The girl I liked never smiled, I didn't smile and we just stared. Then when I wanted to ask her out I chickened out. Now our class is over and I will never see her again. I found her on FB and message her and she never replied.

      In other words.. nothing ever happened. So if you want something to happen at this point you may have to take action. If you're courageous enough I say just ask him out. He may act weird, because he won't be used to it. So don't take him acting weird a bad sign.

      But, just talk to him and ask him out to coffee or out somewhere. Get his number and ask him to take yours down.

      If you don't say anything and even smile. He will just smile back at you, but still not ask you out. Or if he does it will be long late, then by then you will have given up on him and moved on to liking someone else.

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  • Yes staring from a guy usually means he's liking what he sees. But if he doesn't continually glance at you then he's probably not interested. If you notice him always looking at you and it's been going on for a while then the chances are good that he likes you.

  • Yeah i stare at this girl i like a lot lol when i stare if u like him go for it. :)


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