How come it doesn't occur to some women that guys can sometimes develop feelings over time? Especially friends?

So I've been on this site a while and often I've seen questions about why a guy is suddenly hitting on her. Other times I've seen women complain that a man they've been friends with for a long time suddenly asks them out. They feel like they have been betrayed or something and the friendship dies or the guy is stuck in the friend zone.

Why does it not occur to such women that men can sometimes develop feelings over time. Sometimes they do and are genuine friends with them at first. But as they get to know your personality more they develop feelings. Is that so hard for some girls to understand?


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  • kinda side track the girl..everything is going well and then this guy friends you know..finally breaking the idea that guys and girls can't be he wants to be wdf is that but it sweet in a way but you got to give a girl time to think..she'll probably think you liked her all that time and decided to be her friend to get close to her..etcc


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  • It's even crazier when you sense the guy feels something yet he never says anything! In those cases, not wanting to blow the friendship, I don't bring it up, but that happens too. So I complain when I know it's there but he fails to follow through and hit on me lol

  • Not at all. I don't see nor do I hear about girls having a problem with this concept. The best relationships stem from strong friendships.

    • so why do girls complain about guys suddenly becoming interested in them? treating it as if they've been betrayed?

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    • well yeah, if you ever come across people asking or talking about the friend zone, you will see girls talking like their friend betrayed them or being very baffled by their friend suddenly showing interest

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  • Girls who are single can be naive unintentionally or intentionally if they think a guy just wants to be their friend forever. It is just a fact that the guy almost always wants more.

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