So he basically said he feels weird that I'm so young?

So basically this guy (my guy friend) have been sexual for the last 8 months! (No sex as of yet) anyways while out clubbing earlier he said 'why couldn't you be at least five years older & then we could get together properly.' He's 25 and I'm 18. He basically told me that I should go back in & enjoy my night as I wanted to go home with him.

We made out some & he left, messaging me saying 'I'm sorry I'm a complete dickhead.' As he knows I have feelings for him. But put it aside for one moment, I hear from a friend of mine that he was basically bragging.

Saying that he thinks I want him tonight! He was the one who told me to keep what we had secret and it has don't except some close friends. But now I'm confused. Was he just being a lad & being an idiot & bragging as some other guys who he was with liked me? Was he stating I was his?


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  • I would say the most likely situation is that he has another girlfriend and he doesn't want her to figure out that he's been hanging around with a younger woman. I would be very leery of this guy when you're with him. The whole situation seems sketchy to me.

  • Is the friend of yours a bias source? Does this friend already not like him? ...or is this friend a guy - that might also possibly like you? What is super shady to me, is that he's asking you to keep it secret.. why? What does he have to hide? He's up to know good I think. In my experience, don't trust a lot of guys in their mid 20's, especially if you are only 18. It's a risky situation, and I think you are likely to be hurt. I would get out of that relationship.


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