Why can't people accept I will never have a wife?

I'm a guy who will never be in a relationship with a woman, that's no self pity just a fact.

There are many objective reasons for it such as my personality and my looks.

I have accepted it and I'm not bitter about it or talk about it not wanting to bring anybody down.

However, people around me , mom, co workers, friends, always secretly try to set me up and it always results in disappointed ladies and me having to deal with the fact that I'm not desirable for women over and over again.

Who can I get those people to stop since I want to keep them in my life but I don't wanna constantly take their abuse


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  • I'm guessing your mom, friends, etc try to set you up with women because they care about you and want you to be happy/find love. If you really want them to understand that you feel so strongly about things, maybe you should explain yourself to them the way you did to us (in your question). Tell them you've made up your mind and that it frustrates/saddens/depresses you when you feel like you've disappointed those women. You just have to be firm with your family and friends and let them know that you appreciate their help but that you've accepted how things are.

    I don't know what you look like or what your personality is like, but I will say that a) some women are much less concerned with your looks than you think they are, and b) there's always something you can do to change your situation. If you're really underweight or really overweight and you'd like to become more fit, you can join a gym, hire a personal trainer, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle. If you have skin or hair concerns, you can see a dermatologist. If you have bad teeth, adult braces are an option. If you wear glasses and hate how they make you look, go for contacts. (You get my point.) You're young, you're clearly surrounded by people who care about you, and you don't know what the future could hold. Good luck. :)

    • Would you be willing to look at a pic and give me some pointers?

    • Sure...maybe you can upload the pic on your profile page and then delete it once I've seen it?

    • Or, since you're Anonymous, maybe just upload a pic online and message me the link?

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  • Because they Love you, and want someone in your life who will love you too.

    • Seeing your age thing, you seem to have a long life ahead if you.. you still have time to find a wife.. someone who loves you.

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  • Maybe they see more in you than you do.

    • I bet they do but in the end they're not the ones who would have to be with me and the ones who would don't want to. So I'm just wondering why people view marriage as the only viable form of living even though I have completely accepted my situation

    • Because humans are not meant to be alone.