Why has he yet to text me? (Please read description)?

I gave this guy my number a while ago, but he never texts me. He will talk to me in person almost every time we see each other and he initiates conversation. I get tongue-tied around him and I sense he gets nervous, especially when we both struggle to say something. He has hinted and somewhat asked me to hangout 3 or 4 times.


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  • "He has hinted and somewhat asked me to hangout 3 or 4 times."
    So he asked to hang out... and you said no or were too vague?
    Well there's your problem.

    Maybe he doesn't like texting. I know I don't. It's a stupid method of communication.

    • Well the first time he asked me what my plans were and I was legit busy so I couldn't. The second time he said about hanging out with he and his friend (who I will really like) at the bar they work at and I just stared at him in the eyes because I am unsure if he is using his friend as a wingman or trying to set me up with him. The third time he kept telling me he was working at the bar and apparently that was my cue to say something about dropping by, but I go dumb around him and I couldn't say "Let me know when your at the bar this weekend. I'll be there."

      I don't know. He seems to always have his phone on him and it looks like he texts someone.

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    • Like you said before, he's outgoing with his friends around. He's just trying to get his friend around as a wingman, and saying "you'll really like him" to try make you feel okay about hanging out with 2 guys.

      Suggest that yourself, him, his friend and a friend of yours (preferably single) hang out at the bar. You'll feel better, he'll feel better, and you all might go home with a new date.
      If it goes south, you'll have someone to hang out with anyway.


    • Ahh, that makes perfect sense. I'm so stupid. Thank you! :)

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