We like each other, but are just too awkward. How can I solve this?

This girl and I have admitted to liking each other, so that is not the problem. The problem is the perpetual awkward silence that surounds us anytime we are around each other. I asked her out on a date on Friday , and she accepted. We where supposed to hiking at 1:00 PM today, and see the new captain america at 4:00 PM. She couldn't make it on account of her having a Methacillin resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection and she got a spider bite and her grandma had a heart attack. So she spent what would've been the first few hours of our date getting her bite checked out (if you don't know, MRSA sores look a lot like spider bites at first, and if left untreated can lead to Necrotizing fasciitis, a bad skin infection by flesh eating bacteria that has a mortality rate of 20%), and the majority of the day with her grandma. I am kind of glad to a degree though because I was super nervous that our entire day was going to be blanketed in a perpetual state to awkward silences and nervous glares. At the same time I'm very disappointed that we couldn't spend the day together because the scheduling was so easy to plan on this one. She likes hiking, and marvel movies, and I just happened to be able to fit those both perfectly into our time frame. I am also under the belief that if we where forced to be together, than the awkward silence would cure itself. I am normally pretty good with my mouth and good at expressing my emotions and through speech and writing... except around her. The most I've ever said to her was 1 sentence. I feel like she feels the same about me, as she's normally pretty talkative, but not around me. Is there a way to make this go away? I really like her, and I feel like she feels the same, but if we can't communicate, than we won't be able to advance our relationship any.


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  • start by phone conversations. Call her instesd of texting. Ask her about her infection and then grandma. Tell her to take rest and that you're sad that you two couldn't go out because of the circumstances. Tell her you miss her. Why are you nervous? She's the girl you like!!! You should be everything but nervous in front of her. She likes you too.. if you are all chilled out, she'll also catch along with it. When you see her next, as soon as you see her walking towards you, wear a huuuggee smile and walk toward her saying heyy... how are you.. Give her a small caring hug and a peck on her cheeks too if you're comfortable. hold her hand, Take her to you destination. Ask about her infection and grandma.. then talk about random things to keep the conversation going!! You dont have to talk about all romantic stuff.. talk about common interests or the new movie thats' out. You could ask her out for it. Keep things casual... Practice in front of the mirror. She's the one who's probably going to be your girl. Ask yourself why would you be nervoua around her?

    • Thats true, but I just don't know how to bring up stuff. I mean, I know that I can talk about her grandma and MRSA, but what after that? I have no idea how to keep a conversation going for hours unless I'm close to you. That is one of the reasons I have a few close friends, not a lot of barely friends. Thats why I figure that spending time with her would cure the awkward silences. I asked her that the latest our local (Joplin MO) theatre was playing captain america is next Thursday, and asked if she wants to go then or earlier, or put it off for a while to get things straitened out. She seemed pretty apprehensive about it, but any time I can't talk, she'll send a, "Awe :( talk to me when you can." or something to that effect. So I know she likes me, I just feel like she's just as nervous as I am that the first date will be a disaster. I just know she really likes the Marvel movies, so I want to experience that with her as it would be her first time seeing it, and she would enjoy it.

    • I know this is going to be difficult but you have to be able to overcome this problem. Some girls find it cute when the guy gets all tongue tied but after some time, it starts to bug. After talking about grandma n MRSA, you could ask her how her day was and that yours was boring because you couldnt see her and tell her you wana see her as soon as possible. You feel a lot of things. Try putting them into words and tell her. You could buy her a candy box or something and gift it to her. You could even tell her how you get tongue tied when you're with her. Trust me, you wouldn't have to do all the talking. She'll catch up! :)

  • you guys just have a lot of nervousness goin on! dont think much about it. if something pops into your head, say it out loud! dont try to overthink things to say.. itll just make the situation worse

    • Lol, that's impossible for me. I over think EVERYTHING! I am good at a lot of stuff before that though, so I'm not likely to stop any time soon. :P

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    • Ugh, CURSE MY HIGH AMOUNT OF MENTAL ACTIVITY! Lol, I can only go completely blank around a select few, who just happen to be my closest friends.

    • haha thats a bummer!! im sorry :( i dont really know what to tell you haha

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