Is she interested or just wants to study? Mixed signals?

There is a girl in my class that asked me to study with me about a week ago. She gives me some mixed signals. I never really spoke to her before, but she said I looked familiar and she knew some basic things about me (including how I used to be a lot heavier years ago -- awkward).

I agreed to study with her because she sat next to me and kept asking me questions during class one day. She even did odd things like show me her new shoes, but I asked if she wanted my number (figuring she wouldn't actually call) and she took it. That same night I had a text from her saying "r u up?" at around midnight. The next day she apologized, but with no real reason to.

She sent me a friend request on Facebook after a couple days then we met up to study at my place after a few phone calls.

While studying she kept going off topic. She would ask me some questions to get to know me better, asked if i knew certain guys (turns out we share some friends and she was glad when I didn't know certain guys), but also brought up a guy she likes but doesn't want to pursue and a date she had went on recently.

She had me use her tablet to have her account follow me on instagram.

She said something about my personality being "hot" and touched my leg once, but then she said she had to go. She asked if she could borrow a movie of mine then gave me a one armed hug saying I was "really cool" and that I can call her any time (hit it off?).

I got a call from her the following Friday (two days later) to say she had to cancel our study session so she could nap after work (but Facebook showed she went to a girl's night party).

Since then I have asked her out, but she already had something going on but still wants to study. She responds right away to calls and texts and gives reasons for not being able to answer.

Should I still study with her? I don't really need a study partner and the signals are so weird that I am not sure if she is interested or just heard I was smart.

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She ended up calling me before class today to say she wanted to get together and study. It turns out she has been talking about me to her friends that we have in common. Today we "studied" before and after class. Seems good. Thanks for the replies.


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  • Well you asked her out and she said she was busy and didn't offer to hang out another time...or at least say "I have plans but let's kick it sometime though I think it'll be fun."leaving that door open ya know? I would say ask her again to hang out and if she is 'busy' again just blow off study groups. No need to waste time with someone you might continue to like and not get anywhere. Good luck !

    • She called and told me that her store manager was moving to a new store and having a going away party. She also she didn't know what movies were out (I asked her to the movies since she borrowed one of mine, but that she had recently seen Noah and didn't like it.

      I will see what happens when I see her tomorrow.

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  • Hmm my opinion is she likes you but not enough to try to pursue you. Cool, attractive, smart friend in her eyes. If you don't need to study with her don't. She asked you to help and if she's not really taking it too seriously just drop it.

    • Thanks for the reply. I have class with her tomorrow. I will see how she responds.

    • Hmmmm I think schick is right but like I said try subtle flirting and see how she responds.

  • I can't really tell a lot from this. She could be really friendly person and this is the way she interacts. If u like her and want to get to know her a lot more keep having those study nights. Maybe subtly flirt with her to see how she responds.

    by the way u are a such a cutie!! She would be mad to pass u up!!

    • Thank you, I appreciate the compliment. I am not used to female attention.

      We have a class tomorrow so I will try some flirting.

    • Your welcome.

      Good luck

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  • It seems that she only wants to get you better until she's comfortable to go out with you

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