How long does it take for a guy to contact again after a first date?

How long does it take for a guy to contact again after a first date? During the two weeks before the date, we texted each other a few times a day (sometimes 3 to 4 texts) because we both had classes and are very involved in school and internships (He is a graduate student). When he asked me out during our first week of texting eachother, he wanted to go out to dinner on the next day when I had org meetings. Yet he was very considerate to ask me out on the next Wednesday for a date. Basically, all in all it went very well. We had many things in common, joked and told stories, and learned a lot about each other.

Towards the end of the date after taking a walk outside, he helped me catch a cab and said goodnight to each other with him asking for a hug. He told me that we were close to where he lived and he wanted to walk to his home since it was also nice outside. When I got back, I messaged him to thank him for the night. He responded that he enjoyed our night together and asked if I got back home safely. After I replied yes and asked him if he got back home safely as well. We both said goodnight to each other. After that Wednesday night, I have not heard from him since. I am really new to dating so I do not know how guys handle dating and how long it takes to answer back. Is he even interested?


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  • Honestly for me its tge next morning i would say good morningni loved last night wbu


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