How can i tell if this girl is single or not?

Okay so first, we're both 18, and on fb it says she's "married" (sorry for being creepy/stalkerish)

But yeah, I met this girl last month in my psych lecture. We talk and hangout every week after the lecture alone (just the 2 of us) & I think there could be something there. But like on Friday my mate was talking to her and he told me that he was 100% confident she was dating someone.. when I asked him why he was just like "it was the way she was talking and it was something she said", but he couldnt remember exactly what she said...

Anyway I was just wondering how would I tell if thìs girl is single or not? She hasn't mentioned a boyfriend, and we passed a fancy cafe last week and she was like "we should both go together and have lunch there sometime", she was pretty keen on it I think. She has a ring on her right hand (don't know what finger but not the ring finger) but I didn't pay too much attention to that because I know girls that wear rings for fashion, my sister is a great example of that. Anyway yeah, any help would be great, how would I know if she was dating? Should I trust my mate or?


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  • If she's never mentioned the word "boyfriend", then there's a big chance she doesn't have one. Most girls I've talked to mentions their boyfriends even though we've just met.

    Another thing you could do is maybe ask her how her weekend went, what did she do, etc. If she doesn't mention "boyfriend" after 2 or 3 weekends, then she's definitely single.


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  • You should just ask her.
    By asking her, you will get the definite answer that you've obviously been scrambling at for a while now. And, if you haven't made it clear already, it'll let her know that you like her.
    You can't lose anything by asking.


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  • TL;DR

    Ask her.

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