How have you confronted someone that is ignoring your texts or playing mind games?

How have you confronted someone that is just toying with you and your emotions and ignoring you?


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  • Confrontation doesn't affect manipulators, so just play your own game and continue to stiffarm their maneuvers (which are designed to dominate you)


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  • It boils down to want and need. They think you need them but what they really need is the attention and the feeling of power.

    Confrontation occurs when you feel just need to broaden your network and you'll never feel powerless. If you always have plenty of options and one option decides to mess you around, its like flicking dust off your shoulder. Sometimes its hard to choose between people so if one of them messes up in this way I'm grateful not angry.

  • No I don't waste my time with people like that, they are scum. A girl was just recently doing this to me. You are best ignoring them and moving on with your life. You do not have anything to do them.

    • The whole of mind games, and someone playing with your emotions is to upset or make you angry. Dont waste your time. Ignore them and move on. Dont fall the trap.

  • I did once about three years ago. That was it. She was a very unpleasant person and I wish I'd realized it sooner than I did.


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