How long should I wait to hear back from him?

I wrote my best friend a letter telling him I am crazy about him before I left town for 8 days. Back now and no phone calls or messages from him. I shot him a text saying I was back and still nothing. I feel as though the ball is in his court now. How long should I give him to respond before I wrote him off?


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  • It sounds to me as though he may be Thinking about what you have spilled from your heart, and doesn't know what, and is for a loss of words...And, he may feel he wants to remain "best friends" at the moment, is Not ready and raring just yet for a Real Relationship, and doesn't know how to spell it out.
    Wait it out for for this week, and don't make another move to throw anymore mind bogglers. "The ball is in his court now," I agree, for he knows you are Here.
    I don't know how long you have been back in Dodge, but he should have at least, even as a best bud, responded with "Let's talk," but you are not even seeing this. I don't call this a friend in need, but a spud dud. It's not only rude and crude, but a slap in your face.
    If you don't hear anything This week, for I give everyone a chance And the benefit of the doubt, then move on with your life, lick your wounds and learn from this lesson for the future.
    This time around, the writings are on the wall, and he may have gotten scared when he read them, and Now is like this cold duck who grew webbed feet...who could have disappeared into the murky waters from which he came from.xx


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  • Not really into giving opinions when a MH awarded after only an hour...
    a text that contains something even more attractive to respond to that just you becoming available might work
    often others get involved in long term projects in order to substitute for loneliness

  • most people waits for the sad and breaks really loves you, then go talk to


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