Should I leave him over occasional cocaine use? Any experiences?

So I've been seeing this guy for just over a month, everything is going fantastic. He's professional, has a really good job, a car, treats me really well, is family oriented, really wants kids (he's the one who brought them up?), I'm extremely attracted to him and he's phenomenal in the bedroom..


Last night we were chatting, and he casually mentioned that he takes coke about once a month.

I've never done coke, I've never done anything except a little marijuana (and drinking obviously).. I reeeeaaallly like him, but am wondering if I should leave. I also don't want to ever try to "change" a man again, cause that never works.. plus it's only been a month :(


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  • this is a tough one as cocaine is very very addictive. there are not a lot of people who can only be recreational users for long periods of time without becoming full-on addicts. that said there are a lot of functioning cocaine addicts out there, but usually at some point cocaine takes place of everything else (the nature of addiction)

    I'd be interested in seeing him and being around him when he uses, who he uses with, and for what reason. I'd wonder is it truly ONLY once a month or is he trying to rationalize his drug use by minimizing it.

    It's only been a month so maybe you stick around and see where things go for a while longer

    • Ya, the only issue with seeing where things go is I will probably get more and more attached to him, and it'll hurt more later :( You think it's worth the risk?

    • if you against cocaine use by a partner then no it's probably not worth it but you could just keep in mind that this is dating and you are seeing where things go. so hopefully you can try and not get overly attached. Aslo maybe just try and get a better read on his drug use as soon as possible. Like hanging out with his friends and observing their behavior and drug use.

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  • Yes we like him when he's using his crutches
    but if/when these crutches grow out of control
    you'll have to leave him when it's more difficult to do
    as he has become your crutch
    When crutches become more dominant, the SO becomes less
    and then Camelot turns into Hell

  • in general, yes. cocaine is very addictive and addictions tend to eventually rob the addicted of their reason. But if he truly only uses it about once a month, then it's possible he is one of those rare people who aren't easily addicted to such things, so it might be okay. You're going to have to verify that once a month thing, though...

  • very bad bad making use


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