Have you ever gotten close to a guy or girl and then they must have found someone else?

Like out of nowhere they start pulling away or playing games? Not sure if it's a game or if they found someone else. Just depressing.
As soon as I occupy my mind I get a message from them. Other times when I decide to reach out to them, I get ignored, as if I just gave them what they wanted.
It's very confusing. I feel as if I let myself get into this vulnerable spot and I'm not sure what's going on for real or what is in my head. The reality is neither of us should have expected anything as we are long distance and nothing was established.

That is my story, what is yours? What wisdom can you share with me on this subject?


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  • Yes, you are being used like a rung in a ladder.
    Been there, done that and it's only hurtful when they are the only game in town and leave you lonely to be exclusive.
    Best to be involved in larger social groups to even out these "waves" of false popularity until the real deal can discover you (more easily) there

  • YES! Many many times this happened to me sadly. One of them was when i met this girl at a football game and just started talking. We were both very attracted (well i least i think so) to each other but after a month or so of seeing each other she just stopped talking to me. Then i think it was on Twitter or instagram posted "My wonderful boyfriend!!!" with pic of him.

    I wasn't very nice for the next week


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