Please Please help me decode this text :( I don't know what happened!!!?

Okay, so there's this guy I've been seeing for the past month or so, we've kept in contact every day and seen each other a couple of times a week. He used to send me goodmorning and goodnight texts every day and would constantly tell me how much he likes kissing me. Him and his ex broke up mid- February and we had the talk about how we both didn't want a serious relationship right now but we'd stay faithful to eachother and see where things go. He's slept over about 5 times, and all those times we'd spent HOURS just talking, kissing, and cuddling in bed before falling asleep. A few nights ago we went out to a rave/club for my birthday and he was super affectionate and very into PDA. Ever since about a week ago, he doesn't text as often and I'm the one that always has to text first.

Right now, I texted him: "Hey, did I do something wrong?" And this is what he responded:

"Good morning and no you didn't of course you didn't. I just feel that I shouldn't have kissed you because I like hanging out with you you're so much fun, and now I feel that unless we become something ill lose that privilege because I know you like me and so do I but I can't be what I think you want...If that makes sense. I don't want to stop seeing you like I have honestly not had so much fun in months! You're too cool to hangout with and I don't wanna lose that I just can't be intimate with you because I can't allow myself to.
And especially knowing how much you care for me, I just don't want to hurt you in any ways but I feel like I just did regardless and I'm sorry"

I'm seriously in tears right now and I don't know what to feel. I never pushed him into anything or mentioned anything about relationships and he's always the one that initiates everything. I just feel like crashing right now. :( I can't even answer him, I'm really hurt :(


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  • I know how you feel, I've been through that as well :(

    It does really hurt and I couldn't answer him for a couple days..

    Your guy just wants to stay as your friend because he thinks that's the best and longest relationship that you and him have. I guess he just doesn't have enough confidence in himself to stay committed in a love relationship (like he's the heartbreaker). And he thinks that you and him will break up. He really doesn't want to lose the priviledge of being really awesome friends with you.

    I honestly don't know why he'd say he can't be what you want (the type of lover, i'm assuming). I really don't know. He might really think of himself as the asshole or a heartbreaker.

    It really hurts when you love a guy more than he loves you.

    If you don't want to lose that friendship you have with him, stay as his friend. Maybe, the longer you guys are really awesome friends for, he might eventually fall in love with you. Ya never know :)

    • From personal experience, it's better to stay friends with a guy for the longest time before you get into a relationship with him. The longer your friends for, the stronger the bond will be, you'll know eachother too well, and the better you guys will click together. The longest friendship could lead to the most successful love relationship. Be best friends.

      If eventually you get friendzoned, then you'll know that if you got into a relationship with him, it wouldn't have lasted and you guys would've been seperated and your relationship with him would just become plain awkward (maybe never even hear of eachother ever again). It's better to just be friendzoned before you get into the relationship so you guys will be comfortably be in eachother's lives for possibly your whole life.

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