Give me your opinion on a piece I wrote about my boyfriend?

I want to let him read this because he knows I write and has been dying to read something of mine, but I think this may be too cheesy/mushy!!! Tell me what you think of it! Criticism is welcome. Thank you!

I think of you at red lights, when I'm drinking coffee in the morning, during late night movies, while writing the date on my paper in class. But to be truthful, you're on my mind at 11am and 11pm, and all the time in between. You linger in my head like your cologne on my clothes until the second I drift into sleep, and you occur to me in the moments before I open my eyes in the morning. I spend the intervals in between seconds thinking of the freckles on your face, and your flawless, innocent smile. And when I wake up alone at 4am, I crave to hear the sound of your sleepy voice and feel your hands around my waist. I so badly want to hear your heartbeat, and taste your lips every time I go to sleep next to an empty space where you should be. Fuck me for being so cliche, but I swear your eyes are just like the stars, mysterious, hiding countless secrets, yet somehow still so familiar, and never unrecognizable even in the darkest of nights. Kissing you elevates me so high up into the clouds that it's an instant reflex to smile immediately after my lips leave yours. And every single time you open your mouth to speak, I feel myself sinking deeper into love with you, falling closer towards the point of no return with every word you say.
You are nothing less than perfect.
You are nothing less than everything.

  • I would love it if my boyfriend/girlfriend wrote me a poem.
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  • I would think it was weird and wouldn't like to read a poem my boyfriend/girlfriend wrote me.
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  • I'm all for being creative. But poems have never really been my thing. They're a bit too cheesy for me, and not in a good way.

  • I think it's adorably cheesy!! It would touch my heart & also put a big smile on my face if my bf wrote such a thing to me.

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