Does this sound like an ok rude text or does it sound like I care?

Ok so there's this guy I USE to like and he knew. I quit talking to him cuz I thought he was a jerk but he confronted me and asked if I was mad which I told him yes and he apologized. Then we got cool again and he kept in giving me mixed signals. Then he texted me and I texted back but he ignored it so I just thought too many red flags it's best to be friends. Then a mutual friend told something funny he said about me and I text randomly without thinking twice laughing about it. Got no response. So now I don't even want him as a friend cuz I went through a lot and I've grown cold towards the opposite sex because of it. This is what I said-"Hey just an FYI your fckn rude to ignore folks. Grow the fuck up cuz world don't evolve around you and jerks alwwaays regret their ways. Live And learn. " Does this sound ok? He told me he wasn't an asshole and I believed him so we became cool again. Do I sound psycho or just a woman that doesn't give a f*ck cuz I really don't hence me letting him know what needed to be heard.


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  • You sound really scary. After that i wouldn't talk to you :D


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  • It sounds like you are crazy. You should also clean up your language as a lady.

    • Yea but he deserved it. 0 tolerance for A-holes.

    • Then stick to your prinicples. Why did you forgive him afterward. If you have zero tolerance for a-holes, as you say, then stick to it.

    • I know I know. Your absolutely right and this here was a lesson learned. Won't happen again.