When to contact after she gets back from a trip?

This lady and I have hung out twice, we've been at each other's places. In between the two dates, she was really bad at texting me back. Anyway, she went away to two different places for a vacation, in between the two different locations, she texted me saying she was getting ready to leave to the other place. I texted back the next day telling her to have fun and I told her I wanted to take her out on a picnic. There has been no response. I sort of figured maybe she doesn't want to text long distance, or she has just been busy on vacation... Anyway, the last time I saw her she told me she gets back "on Tuesday", meaning tomorrow.

I'm trying to balance off not being overbearing and yet show that I'm interested. I'm concerned that since she is such a bad texter she may never reply (which is weird because in person she's very affectionate towards me). I haven't texted her in five days. What do you think I should do?


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  • Since she is such a terrible texted, it makes me question how much she actually reaches out to YOU. If you are reaching out to her most of the time and she isn't reciprocating, how often do you think you would tolerate that or how long do you think that will work out?

    Anyway, since you have been reaching out to her the majority of the time, me being me...i probably wouldn't say anything else to her until SHE would message me. I think if she is truly. interested, by at least Wednesday she should reach out to you. Tuesday she should have her time to get acclimated to being back and she should then message you. Thats just my opinion. You can't reward bad behavior. Even though the two of you have just started seeing each other, relationships are work and are two sided. She needs to step it up a bit.

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    • Well maybe. It's weird. After the one night stand she texting sucked, she agreed to go out for dinner. I honestly thought she might not show. But she did, and she agreed to come back to my place, and she became very snuggly with me, but refused to sleep with me, but wanted to know about past relationships, and where all my friends were in relationships currently. It's like in person, it seems like she wants to have a slow serious relationship, but over text, it's almost like she is being passive and disinterested. Anyway, I'm going to invite her on another date. A yes is a good sign, and a no with no alternative date means it's over.

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