How often do you have first-dates?

I am just wondering what is the average number that people get to go on a first date with a new member of the opposite sex?

Cause I am getting none at the moment and I always imagine that those more popular guys and girls get to have first dates with new people on a very regular basis.

I am talking about first dates only.

  • few times a month or more
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  • about once a month
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  • about once every few months
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  • only 1-2 times a year
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  • almost never
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Most Helpful Girl

  • It depends on where my heads at. I've been in a relationship for several months so obviously no dates there. But in the few months before that I'd been on quite a few. I'm not consistent.

    • you look like a prettier version of miranda kerr by the way.

    • That is the strangest compliment I've gotten, haha. Thanks, but, well, I'm brown? LOL

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  • Once every few months. But none for the past couple of months. It got too boring...not enough similar interests and passions, and the girls I dated seemed more interested in finding any ol' BF rather than the "right" BF.

  • Once, then it's not a first one anymore...