Why do I want to text my ex when my boyfriend is mean?

I love my boyfriend, but he's not very sensitive towards my needs and i think he just doesn't know how to be... my ex always new exactly what to say when i was sad and was always there for me so i always feel the urge to text him when im sad... but he has a new girlfriend now and i know i can't. sometimes i regret breaking up and i feel like i still have feelings... but i think its just because he was my first love and if i had really loved him i wouldn't have fallen for my new boyfriend while still in that relationship.


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  • i did this before when i started dating my boyfriend...but for me it was different..my ex just act as "the good ex who wants to help his ex gf"...but it was a trap...my ex found out who was my new boyfriend and told him i was unfaithful to him and i we still love each other (me and my ex)..he did this just to create a total mess and my bf and i fought a lot because of this and nearly breakup (i made him suffer a lot and felt guilty)..but then he realized that my ex was the one creating a mess (i blocked his number)...your ex might know you better but my advvice to you will be to stop that because if your bf ever becomes aware of that..you will suffer..i know what i'm sayin'