Do I really need to ignore him back?

I don't know what happened, he's ignoring me now... In text. I don't see him in person without making plans.
I'm just confused. I could be reading into it but I'd not gotten back to him promptly over the weekend and was quite busy staying with friends etc.
Perhaps he expected me to send photos of things going on, but I don't always. I do more often than not. But I don't always feel it interests him.

Reading back our most recent convos it didn't seem much as amiss except him ignoring me for hours on end but I was busy myself.

I just have this bad feeling it's awkward now and I won't ever hear from him again.


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  • Don't quite get how he is ignoring you. Have you tried to text him? Sometimes guys test do you girls actually care about them and wait if you text them.


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  • You were busy, he was busy, just chill, if you sent the last text wait for him to message you or hell if you feel like sending something do it - just be you. Don't blow up his phone but a single hey how have you been or i saw (insert something relevant) and it made me think of you... The point is relax let him come back to you and in the mean time keep busy, have fun and do you. That way when he does come back around you can talk about something other than wondering if he was ignoring you. Guys hate drama so if he comes back and your cool and let it go he will most likely appreciate you more. That's been my experience anyway, if a guy knows not talking or texting you for a few days will have you go off the deep end at him he will just stay away.