Why is she acting like this (title too short)?

Me and this girl have both said we liked each other a few months ago, and we've been texting since then. We went through a faze of not really texting each other or really even talking in real life for about a week a bout a month ago. We soon started talking after that though. So I asked her out last Friday , and she accepted the date. We where going to go hiking, and see the new captain america (she loves marvel movies) and she seemed pretty excited. So the day came, but she never showed up, and later I got a message saying how sorry she was that she couldn't make it, and her grandma had a heart attack. I told her it was fine, and we could reschedule. On Monday she actively avoided me. When I approached her and asked for a hug, she gave me one shorter than the half life of francium-215, and when I asked her how her grandma was she didn't even look at me to answer. Today I saw her on the way to lunch and was about to say something to her, but as soon as she saw me I saw her eyes dart to the ground and she sped her pace up. I am getting the distinct feeling she might've lied about her grandma to get out of the date. I asked her the day after the date was supposed to happen if she just wanted to go and see a movie, and she responded with, "yeeeaaaa." So I told her that was a very apprehensive answer and she said nothing more too me for the rest of the night, or the next day. I tried texting her yesterday but all I could get out of her was three short messages. I am going to leave her alone for a few days, and see how she reacts to me after that. The thing that really confuses me is that the day before the date, I told her I was busy and wouldn't be able to talk for a while, and she said, "Awww. Talk to me when you can :(" and I said I would. About half way through, I got a message from her asking if I could talk yet, and I said yes, but she never said anything after that. I am so confused, why is she doing this?


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  • "Shorter than the half life of francium-215". You've got a bright future ahead of you.

    She is probably unsure of her feelings toward you, but feels obligated to hang out because she said she liked you a few months ago. She doesn't want to hurt your feelings and is at the very least fond of you, so she's being cagy about showing up for the dates while still verbally accepting them.

    So...stop asking her for dates, basically. If you think you can tell her that it's okay for her to not like you without it sounding like manipulation, do that.

    • Okay, that's some pretty sound sounding advice. Are you sure though? I mean, I sent her a text yesterday asking if she was okay, and she said yes, and I told her if she needed to talk I would always be willing to listen, and today, she saw me from across the school, and waved at me. After that she started flirting with me when I was on my way to the bus after school. I really like her, and I want feel like she likes me at least a little bit, but I don't want to set myself up for disappointment. There is a major possibility I might be moving after this year ends, and she knows this. I want to at least go on one date with her before I have to leave, should I just leave it alone?

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    • Lol, yeah it is. I realized that after the fact. Haha, you get my point though, right?

    • And yes I do understand that you can ask a complete stranger out, but I like to get to know people on a more personal level before I even she signs of romantic interest. I am under the (presumably correct) opinion that you have to be able to interact with somebody as a friend during a relationship in between all the romantic (and sexy) time. I would rather not waste my time and dignity dating 30 strangers, and possibly embarrass myself if I could just bypass that, and date a few people I'm close to and save my time, effort, and patience.