2 dates in if you liked someone wouldn't you try to contact them often?

I have gone on 2 dates with this shy but very good looking guy. Date #1 was drinks. Date #2 was a movie. He invited me to the first one. I asked him out to the second one. He paid for both. He's very shy (has not made ANY moves yet…no holding hands, no kissing, nothing!), but he seems to really like me. He sometimes gets nervous around me and mumbles through his answers. I asked him about his work (we work in the same field, so I have knowledge of the system he uses), and he got super nervous as if thinking that if he messed up he'd look super bad. I found it adorable. He takes a while to warm up to me each time we meet, but in the end he lights up and looks very happy. Our last date was on Saturday, and he still has not called or texted yet. If he really liked me, I figure he'd at least send some text or something by now. I've read that one has to take the initiative with shy guys, but I don't want to come on too strong out of fear he'd freak out. How long should I wait to see if he texts me before I try to text him. He always seems really sweet and interested when we interact but I'm sort of confused because I feel that if he really liked me he'd try to contact me more often. At least a text saying hi… 2 dates in if you liked someone wouldn't you try to contact them more?


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  • He's shy so hard to tell. I know the feeling I like a shy guy and I haven't even had our first date. He only asked me out when I gave my number as he's nervous and stuff. Then I went to rearrange he couldn't make it seen him on fri he was nervous. And said he would call but he hasn't. I didn't want to come on too strong so I see your point. I'm sure you will hear from him. If not text him or call :)