Does he not text me because I send mixed signals?

So I met my crush a few months ago. In that time we were both nervous and shy around each other, but I could tell by his actions that he was interested in me. I decided to give him my number and see what happens before the weekend. He never called. The following week he came up to me and started asking how my weekend was. I told him and he said we will hangout when our schedules free up.

Since then everything has stayed the same. I'm still nervous and shy around him, have a hard time maintaining conversation and I feel he is the same way. Regardless he has somewhat asked me to hangout a couple times, but didn't come out and say it. I'm hesitant to agree because he is adamant at having his friend with. I dont know if he is trying to set me up with him or use him as a wingman. I go hot and cold on him because of this and send mixed signals. Is this why he doesn't text me?


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  • If a guy wants to text you, he will. Unless he's super shy but he probably doesn't know how he feels about you yet. Like he might be interested but not enough. Or he could be talking to someone else at the moment. This situation is kind of common now A days

    • Yeah, I just wish everything would be black and white, cut in stone. Its annoying.

    • I know. & we always worry we're being to clingy Haha if you have his number I would try texting him

    • I dont otherwise this wouldn't be an issue. He is just so hard to read because he is so shy around me. I think the clingyness concern is exactly why I go hot and cold with him. I dont want to appear desperate and look dumb.

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