Is he about to pull the slow fade on me?

I met a guy on hinge about a month and a half ago. We've been on 6 or 7 dates over this course but we haven't had the talk of where we stand and we're both still active on the app. He used to text me every single day and this past weekend I met one of his close friends for the first time. I haven't heard from him in three days and I know most people will think I'm overreacting but this to me is out of the norm since I'm used to hearing from him everyday. Up until this point I was still feeling unsure about how exactly he felt about me bc after this many dates id imagine us starting to get more we would see each other once or twice a week but he doesn't seem like he Craves seeing me more throughout the week...I don't know if his age has anything to do he's 34. Is he pulling the "fade away" on me?
Guys opinions appreciated!
Need some input from guys! Help!


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  • well guys don't always say what there thinking about moving a relationship alone it is more little actions.

    also you say he not really going out with you during the week just mainly weekends he could be working and not realize (yes we do that) that you expect to see him during the week as well , if y'all live close that mite not be a issue but if your a hour drive away and he has to work it is going to stress him. if he is telling his friends about you that is always a good sign

    • You make a good point but I just feel it's weird he usually keeps up with me throughout the week at least. This is not hanging out but still keeping in touch and now it's been almost a week so I wonder if meeting his friend was a bad idea

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    • thanks for the Mh

      good luck hope it works out for you

    • Tks. So I don't think this one will work out. Ever since the weekend I met his friend I haven't heard anything from him at all...have no idea what happened :(

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  • See that's where online dating fails. People meet people but continue to go online and find other matches.
    The fact he let you meet his close friend is good. I wouldn't wait for him to text you I would text him and be like hey how's it going or whatever lol. By his response you'll be able to tell if he's interested in holding a conversation with you or if you're just a buddy

    • The thing is I don't want to come off as the pursuer now since he's usually the one that initiates and the last time we communicated I texted him last. So the ball is in his court so to speak :/ lol

    • Not really lol that's where people are wrong. There is no you text first because I texted last. I mean if you're genuinely interested you should communicate. If not the longer without talking the less interested he could be getting. That happened to me and we went a whole week not talking and he texted me on a Friday night saying "so you don't want to talk to me anymore" then we dated do a few more months lol. What I'm saying is don't play games. If that's what he is doing move on. He's too grown to play games

    • Good point! Thank you!

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