Strange texting behavior from this girl. What am I to make of it?

This is an ongoing thing. I need some input. We met at a function, went to her place (we were both drunk) in the morning, we had breakfast. I texted her, and she was really bad at texting back, but agreed to go on a date. We went out to dinner. She came back to my place. We made out, snuggled, I tried to sleep with her, she refused, and wanted to discuss past relationships. Then she went on two back to back vacations for 11 days. In between the two, she wrote me very briefly.
Anyway, I invited her on a picnic, she never responded (maybe busy on vacation). Five days later... I thought she was back today, so I texted her asking how she was going. She wrote back around 11pm, saying she's getting caught back up with stuff and happy to be back in the city...

What's really confusing is she's still communicating with me. But she's not asking me about myself over text. But in person, she's constantly asking questions about myself.

I'm thinking one of two things, either she's really busy and a bad texter, has an interest in me, but wants to take things slow and wants me to take the lead in engaging with her


she isn't very interested, but is sort of keeping up the convo a little just to be polite and is hoping I take a hint.

Any advice?


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  • It could be that in real life she asks you many questions out of politeness. Sometimes you see someone and have no idea what to talk about it with them, so you just ask them questions to keep the convo up. I find it odd that she couldn't just send you a quick text back saying she can't make the picnic. This isn't a good sign for me and indicates she's not really worried about you or how you will interpret things. If a girl likes a guy she will think about her actions and will try to avoid doing anything that doesn't show interest. I'd say she's just not that into you and didn't feel a spark or chemistry when you two were out on dates. I could be totally wrong but her actions don't match up.

    • I guess I should clarify the picnic part. I asked her what she thought of picnics. She said she thought they were fun. Then I said I would like to take her on one. I didn't invite her or have an actual plan. I texted her while she was out of the country. I wasn't sure when she was coming back so I texted her the day I thought she was back asking her how she was. She then wrote back that night saying she's back in town.
      Like if she was being polite I don't think she would have agreed to come home with me and make out on the couch and snuggle with me. Also she stopped making out with me to discuss relationship pasts. I don't know. Why won't she put an end to it if she's not interested? It's not like texting is so confrontational. My guess is she's conflicted. I did make a really stupid joke about killing sprees which I had to clarify was a joke when it freaked her out.

    • If you already think you know the answer then why ask this question in the first place? It sounds like you're convinced about her feelings for you so it seems pointless to ask us our opinions if you already have a answer.

    • I'm sorry. I appreciate your opinion. I don't know for sure what's going on.

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