Boyfriend and his EX! Am I over thinking it?

So I was talking the other day to my boyfriend he was singing to me and we were laughing and having a good time so topic after topic i ended up asking him about his ex i knew her so i was curious he answered and then he told me that "he doesn't hate her" that "he can't hate her" out of the blue I don''t know why but I felt a sting in my heart i don't want him to HATE her but i can't help but feel scared and worried am I over thinking?


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  • You should be worried if he didn't care about her. He liked her, maybe even loved her, once. So now he can't hate her. He even probably likes her, but in a different way now. He knows their relationship cannot last.

    Think of your own exes. Don't you feel the same way about them? I never dated a bitch or a cunt. So I still value, admire and like many qualities in each and everyone of my exes. And while I know that long term relationships with them would not last, I admire and long after those qualities in my future relationships.


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  • maybe he was the one to leave her..he made her suffer that's why he can't hate her

    • Ya he did , but should i be worried?