Confused about my feelings for a guy I've been dating for 4 months?

So I've been seeing this guy. Just about once a week. I enjoy the time I spend with him. I enjoy making our wirh him (we are not sleeping together yet) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with him. But the thing is. I don't long for him. Or really miss him when we are apart. He is on my mind but I'm not constantly thinking about him. I can't even tell if I have feelings for him.

Maybe I'm just afraid of getting hurt and shut off my emotions. But is anyone able to control their emotions to that extent? It's not like I'm not attracted to him sexually either.

Do I just need more time or is it time to let this guy go? He is also very hard to read so I don't know how he feels about me. Maybe that's making things worse. Everything feels so...indifferent and lackluster in my heart. Why is this?


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  • You could wait and see... But personally, I think everyone deserves that infatuation period. It's up to you whether you want it.

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