Have you ever wanted to kiss, then felt weird and scared or emotional about it?

I recently got a boyfriend and on our 6th date after two months of dating we kissed. It was both of our first kiss and I felt I wanted it but now I feel emotional and sort of sad about it. And I was unconsciously shaking twice when we kissed and felt nervous and scared. I told him that I felt that I lost something but that I got something as well. He asked me so I told him how I felt and now he thinks that he scared me when he was trying to take it slow and he thought that I wanted it. Then asked why I wanted to kiss him so often and if I was doing it for him. So I replied that it was partly because I wanted to get better at it and I thought that he wanted to.
Then he said that it sounded like I sold my soul to him and was getting worried.

So I was wondering if my feelings are normal or how does everyone else feel about kissing? I feel like I do want to do it with him again but I am not sure how I am feeling and what I should do. People often tell me to go at my own pace when I ask but really I am confused of my own feelings. Like I'm not good with handling my own feelings as a lot has happened to me before.

Please tell me what you do or your opinion on what I wrote. Thanks.


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  • haha dont worry what you're feeling is totally normal, i felt that way when i had my first kiss with some guy i had a date with. he drove me home and gave me a slow wet long kiss unexpectedly, i was like wtf mannn ~.~ i felt awkward, like i didn't do it right, and it was weird af
    honestly it just takes some time to get use to it with someone you're comfortable with, like a first bf. u'll learn more about your sexuality through the relationship and b4 u know it it'll feel natural

    • Thank you for your advice~ ah an unexpected one sounds awkward. I still find it a bit difficult to kiss him but he says that he wants to kiss me every time he sees me >_< Do you think it's normal to kiss every time we meet?

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    • Thank you~ It feels weird to be in a relationship. :p Hope you have a good day. :)

    • of course~ and u2! -haha its the good kind of weird ;)

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