Girls would you agree with video?

This video about girls not wanting take things fast
what do you think?


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  • I don't completely agree with everything she said here but she has some valid points. Everything she said about a girl not being interested was pretty accurate but the whole texting thing I have to disagree with. When I get a text from a guy I like, I personally will respond within that day...I won't wait days to respond at all. It might take a few hours but if I see the text on that day, I am really likely to respond day of.

    Gosh unless I am fresh out of a breakup, I wouldn't really want to take things slow. Slow is kind of boring to be honest. I am not saying go really fast or over text a girl but taking it slow is not something that appeals to all girls. How will she know you are interested if you take it slow? This is just my opinion though. Some other girls may feel differently.

    • Well I text a girl who I haven't seen for a while, I wanted to get in touch because I like her and would like to date her. I text her first just wishing her a nice weekend. She text back 1 day later saying what she did and asked how I was. I text her back and ended the text with a question, she has yet to reply..., his was 3 days ago so can I assume she's not interested in me? I didn't want to text her out of the blue and ask her out, I wanted to gauge her interest forts and not come across as needy. Am I safe to assume I've lost her?

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    • Should I text and straight up ask her out?

    • Well that would certainly be a fast way to find out if she likes you or not! If you feel like there is nothing to lose then I say go for it...It's essentially better than waiting around and wondering or finding out later. It's either there or its not :)

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