Can I do anything about it or did I screw up everything?

Hey, so here's the story, about 2 months ago me and this girl started talking, we had a lot of stuff in common and we got along really well from the start. After 1/2 weeks or so we started making out but always in secret, no one knew and met almost every day of the week during one of our breaks (around 10 minutes) classes took up a lot of time so we didn't spend much more than that time together during school days.

Ok so the problem is, we were getting along super well and all of the sudden she kinda stopped talking to me. We used to text every day, often she would be the one to begin, but then like 1 month ago she stoped, I had to be the one that started the conversations and stuff and her replys where those annoying single words and "meh" and stuff like that, so ye I guess she was just not interested.

Now it gets worst, I didn't knew how to react so I'm pretty sure I started to sound needy without realising it, I was always polite and respectfull but I did stuff that the tipical needy guy would do (I've searched in a couple of topics).

I know that she gives more importance to her studies than to me, she has some traumas with ex's and with grades, ok, but it was wayy to sudden and way too different from one day to the other. I've tried asking her if there was anything wrong, etc but she just said everything was fine and it had nothing to do with me, etc.
We went out a couple of days ago with one of her female friends and she barely gave me any attention, even though we haven't had any time together in over 3 weeks.

I was probably a bit too needy during the process, but anyway, what might have happened and can I do anything to change it?


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  • I think it is time to back off and see if she misses the attention. But don't disappear from the face of the earth, just check in every now and then - depending on how often you used to contact her before, just add 3 days in-between contact.


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  • Sorry tk discourage you, but you cannot do anything for it. Give her space and time will only tell you where it goes.

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