What to do when "hanging out?"

okay in case you've read my last question, this is about the same guy and we finally did make definite plans to hang out this Tuesday and he told me to meet him at a park. To clue everyone else in, I just met this guy almost 2 weeks ago and from the night I met I got a big crush on him and he's the one who texted me first the next day so it seems like he at least kinda likes me.

But the question is, what should we do, talk about, etc.? Also a little kissing especially at the end is fine by me but I don't want to do more than that then and leave him with the wrong impression. Just give me the basics, besides just "be myself."


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  • There a coffee shop nearby or a quick eat place (not a fast food joint but not exactly a sit-down place either)? That usually adds some good atmosphere to a conversation.

    Definitly don't talk about past relationships, even if he does, if he does that's USUALLY (NOT ALWAYS) a bad sign. Other touchy subjects like politics and yes, religion, should also be avoided at this point.

    Career goals are a good topic, also sharing some funny stories you might have would be good too (like one a friend told me last night about a 300 pound cop hiding behind a pole with a radar gun XD). Similar interests, like crabbo7 said, is definitly good too.

    Beyond that it's a bit hard to say without knowing one or both of you personally so I don't really want to suggest any specifics. When all is said and done if he doesn't kiss you goodbye, by all means kiss him because if he has any lingering doubts about your liking him or if the date doesn't go as well as it could've, it'll boost his confidence and the next one will be better.

    Have fun!

    • I have no idea what's near there cause I've never even been in that city before so I'll try to have him make the decision on where we go or what we do...though I might throw in my 2 cents too as to not have it all up to him and him think that I'm an indecisive or boring person.

      I'll try not to talk about past guys I've been involved with. Politics, nah either, but I would like for him to share what he believes in and me to do the same, just no debating or getting too deep into it.

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    • Haha and actually since differing views lead to incompatibility I think that it is good for us both to briefly tell what we believe in...though I have fallen for atheists and agnostics, but now I don't want to really have anything with a guy unless he has similar beliefs as me, such as at least believe in God.

      also I mean desperate like me making almost all the moves especially if he doesn't like me like that; I doubt that kissing him will lead him to believe that I am willing to sleep with him

    • Well my belief isn't that there is no God it's more that I haven't been shown indisputable proof one way or the other, it's just that if he does exist I don't believe he is as the Christain belief says.

      Well of course guage his moves, if he doesn't seem to be making any take into consideration what his exact interests may be, but don't be afraid to make some moves yourself.

  • I would suggest flirting and going with the flow. Let him lead the conversation unless it is not going well, then bring up stuff relevant to you both like school or similair interests.


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