He hasn't asked me out, is he playing me?

He and I had are classmates, We got to know each other through m fake profile in facebook but then since I like him I told him who I really was and he took no offense. he seemed really into me , we were sorta flirting for a month , online and he used to send me text messages sometimes. He also asked me out twice, Got canceled later. But anyways, last time he texted me he said he wanted to see me before I go back to my country home for summer break, I replied: ;) (wink) nothing else. since then we chatted a couple of time but he hasn't asked me out ans it's now 7 days we haven't chatted! It's just wired...Is he playing me?


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  • no, people get busy! and you didn't really say you wanted to hangout with him. you just put a winky face. he might have taking that the wrong day. he doesn't always have to be the one to talk to you! if you like him... text him or better yet call him! and make plans to hangout. other wise he will most likely loose interest

    • I did, I did text him 13 days ago, and I did make plans for us to hang out but he canceled it last minute and I did start conversations with him online.

    • This is strange. is he by chance an Aquarius?