You start dating someone, how and when do you ask them about their last name or tell them your last name?

if you're not on their Facebook or any social network, and there's really no reason to discuss that


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  • When you ask for their number and start putting it in your phone.

  • you ask when you wonder, he will ask when and if he does.
    some guys dont make it an isssue or concern though till
    it does.


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  • I was dating someone that was wondering the same thing. He sneaked and found one of my bills. He saw my last name and when I caught him he said "I didn't know when or even I should ask" I said, "don't you think it's better to ask, then sneak around like cloak and dagger?"

    sneaking or thinking you shouldn't ask, is kinda borderline distrust..

    so, in short, just ask ;)

    • he never asked me though...

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    • first, relax. :) second, it's okay! all you have to do is say "I know your last name, but you don't know mine! you do want to know it, right?".. something along those lines and say it jokingly, not serious :)

      It doesn't mean anything if he doesn't want to know your last name.. he's just taking it in stride :) has nothing to do if he sees you as his future mate or anything; just some people don't even realize that they don't know that persons last name or not; it's not that huge of a deal right now :)

    • ..and if he did find out by other means, I'm sure he'll tell you once you ask him if he'd like to know yours ;)

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