What dating and relationship advice would you give others?

Here's mine:

Be yourself and be honest while being the best you possible

Remember that you are a valuable person and if someone doesn't treat you right you have to love yourself enough to choose your own dignity and respect over trying to win over a person who doesn't care for you

There needs to be some friendship involved in dating. If you can't even be friends there won't be much left besides sex

Don't sacrifice your values for someone else

Do what feels right for you not what other people dictate

Trust your gut if you feel like something is wrong don't ignore it

are these good ideas?


Most Helpful Guy

  • "Everyone is different I can't really tell you whats the right answer. There is none, you have to figure this out and trust to whatever you think is right"

    I really see everyone differently and I can't really find the perfect advice, so i'd tell them to try and trust their instincs. Because we can't predict the future, all we can do is take a shot and hope our hypothesis is correct.


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  • Treat him or her how you would want to be treated don't settle and stick to your values further more do your best to be in a healthy prosperous relationship.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't settle and don't short change yourself. Stick to your values