Is it bad to tell personal things or things as a girl to my boyfriend?

I recently got a boyfriend and started dating two months ago. We got onto the topic about periods over the phone as I told him that I was feeling dizzy and lightheaded on the day. He seemed fine with that and he told me about his sister making him do things for her because of the topic.

During an outing my bra strap was showing so he pushed it back for me and seemed not to think much about it and later on the phone he was asking if I wore flower ones as he saw the strap and that made me nervous but he was totally calm about it.

But last night he called and asked what I was doing then I told him that he better not had ask. Then he said that it can't be that bad unless I was naked or in my underwear, which I said I was. (In my underwear as I was changing) and he sounded strained and had to go off the phone for a moment and when he came back he told me that I gave him a heart attack.

So I was wondering, I thought it was normal as everyone gets changed or wears underwear and he seemed normal about it before. Or is there a limit to what I should say when talking with him?


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  • No, I don't think it was weird at all what you said. I've been on the phone with people before while taking a dump, whoopdee doo. It's not like they can see you, and if they can't handle it if they tell you, they're the one with the problem.

    • haha okay thanks :)
      Yup, no webcam :P

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  • It's not bad its actually a good thing. Communication is key to healthy relationship.

    • Thank you. I kinda get upset and jealous often so it will also be alright to tell him? I get worried that it's annoying though.

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