Does he really love me and goin to come back?

I've been living with this guy for over a yr now.We both lived in the same state and 15 years ago I moved away then when we got together he moved in with me.The whole time he's showered me with affection and just everything and talks about things in a future tense.The problem is when we argue sometimes he will pack his clothes and leave.He will text or call me or I'll text or call him and we make up. He does this mostly while I'm gone somewhere.A few days ago we had an argument and while I was gone to take my daughter to school he packed and left. He left his phone this time. The next day his dad calls his phone so I knew he hadn't left the state yet. I found out he didn't leave till 2 days later to go back to our home state. He said he went fishing and slept in his truck. Why didn't he think it over and want to come back? He called me yesterday to say happy b-day to me. He said he still loves me and missed me but he can't handle the arguing and he needs to be around his kids just a bunch of reasons. But we usually go see them and my family too once a month. He also said he hasn't changed his license plate or anything back over yet. He decided not to do it right now.Is that because he still wants to be with me? He said he might call me that night but didn't and he hasn't called me in 4 days! We've never went this long without talking! When he lived with me he would text me all the time that he missed me while he's at work.He was always telling me how much he loved me.He talked in the future tense about things. The night before we got into it about some things that were true but I was too harsh about it I could tell it hurt his feelings bad.The next morning I gave him the cold shoulder which was so stubborn! And he packed and left while I was gone.Is he homesick? If he missed me so bad before then how can he go THIS LONG without talking? Will he come back? Did he ever really love me enough or was it bull? Is this a test? Why's he not calling? Is it not bothering him?


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  • I think the two of you have terrible communication issues and since he keeps leaving, I would say your relationship is almost done. At this rate, he is about to leave and not come back.

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