Crushing on guy friend; would I seem desperate or keen?

Okay, so this might be a long one but hang in there for me :)
So I met this guy earlier on this year. I know his friends and we have a lot of fun hanging out as a group, going out to clubs, etc. He's a very sweet guy and very smart, not one for playing the game and has had at least one serious girlfriend that I know of last year. We get along super well and always make each other laugh. When we go out, if we get a little too drunk, we always hold hands and lean on each other on the way home. He's said some very sweet things, about how much he appreciates me and how funny I am etc. which is always good to hear :) At first I didn't think about liking him, until our mutual friend asked me a few times if I did. Then, when I was at a club with him and our other friend, we hooked up (a good make out session in the middle of the dancefloor, in front of our friend too). I'd asked him a few times before that during the night if he wanted me to wingwoman for him to get him a girl but he declined. So I don't know whether this was a product of him liking me and going for it or just that he was quite drunk and I was there.
We talk/snapchat every day just cute random things. He drunk called me the other night when he was hanging out with his mates and he's often concerned for me in a cute way.
I've really begun to like him a lot since the kiss, but I don't know whether to keep inviting him out to places to hang (just casually with others) in the hopes of encouraging him to ask me out properly, or to let it chill and see what happens. My main fear is that he'll forget about the idea of us together and move on or just think I'm annoying/desperate.
It's hard, because I REALLY like him and I can't stop thinking about him.
PLEASE HELP, I need to know if it would look desperate to keep talking to him/asking him to hang with others and myself.
Any help would be much appreciated, sorry for the long question. Thanks!


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  • Truth Time! Guys hardly ever view girls as desperate, and even when we do we don't give a shit. Only women find desperation really unappealing.

    • Really hope this is true! But what would you say crosses the line from being keen to being annoying? Like, what WOULD you find desperate in a girl?
      Thanks for your opinion! Much appreciated :)

    • Honestly, well if you walked over to a guy you hardly knew sat down on his lap, put your arms around his neck and said I NEED YOU.
      He refuses
      and you follow him everywhere he goes and continue to do this, possibly running after him screaming. That is something I would consider needy. Other than that, there is nothing you can do that would be considered desperate.

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  • Take the initiative, ask him out.


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