Does this boy like me and why did he do this on Facebook?

He's done the whole staring/gazing thing for my than 10secs frequently

we've talked a few times about fav tv shows and general stuff,

both late teens

complimented me about my manners twice.

Confident around other girls/people but different around me.

I like him I know he's single as I look him up on Facebook added him in the hope he might say something to me and to read through his wall. (only to find out more about him)

But we only speak in person

I only see him at his work my local Cafe

I also found out that he's not into partying etc would rather spend time with family so don't think he's a player.

His other workmates are friendly but not like this.

I looked him up on Facebook the other day and he posted this:

You don't need to say anything, I'm not giving up on you.

It had several likes, then I looked again last night and this girl who he's friends with, comment saying something along the lines of are you referring to yourself or are you talking about someone else, don't want to sound mean but would like to know.

Then I checked this morning and he had deleted her comment WHY. If he was referring to himself would he not just not of said it was about himself.

I know this other girl ask him out last year and he said no due her being 7yrs older and other things. There still friends I know she still like him as I looked back on his status from the past 6mnths as when he comments back he always puts night/talk soon mate


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  • There are several possibilities, but here's my estimation. He does like you, in a casual way, not a major crush way. He deleted the Facebook comment because the girl misunderstood something that was meant to be an "insider communication" (A message that relies on the other person's knowledge of you to be understood. Like an inside joke, but more personal.), and it's annoying to be misunderstood when you're doing that because it means the other person does not understand you as well as you thought they did. Alternatively, it just wasn't meant for her and so he felt she was commenting on something that was between him and the person he was communicating with.

    • Thanks, so he only likes me as a friend. If so then why does he always stare/gazes at me none of my other guy friends have every done any of theses things.

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    • Yeah, he sounds like the shy type.

    • Thanks for your help will try and talk to him more and stare back when he stares at me, then he might realise that I like him to and then ask me out.

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