Why do I always get friend zoned?

In my past attempts to ask a girl out I always get "Oh, I just want to be friends". I realize that people my not be ready yet the next week or not too long after they are in a relationship with one of my friends. I'm not like really popular and keep to myself mostly. I'm not a jerk to people I believe that women NEED to be respected. And I don't get why girls say they want that in a man but then go and shoot you down. Is this just me? Am I reaching too high? or is this just a natural thing in life? I just want to try to see if I need to fix something. All help is appreciated.


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  • I don't know what you mean by asking if you're reaching too high. Like you mean girls that are out of your league?

    It is natural to be friend-zoned by girls, it might be that you're just not their type. It's not all about respect and not being a jerk, you know. Some girls like outgoing guys, chubby guys, shy guys, smart guys, 'cool' guys, loner guys, fit guys, etc. Girls friend-zone you because you're not their type. That's all. You will meet a girl who finds you as her 'type'.

    So get over it, you can't fix yourself. You're you.

    • I meant like if im reaching "Out of my league" even though I don't believe in social classes like that. But your answer was helpful. Thank you

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    • Seriously got a huge confidence boost. Many thanks

    • No worries mate, it was hard being a teenage girl myself when I had friend-zoned many guys and many other guys friend-zoned me. But it's all cool in the end, life really gets better :)

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  • I would reply back in a confident manner and say " I appreciate that, but I want to be more than just friends." Look her in the eye when you say it.

    • I will keep that in mind but I also don't want to sound like Im struggling to keep her interested. Is it possible she will think that?

    • That's not going to turn her on at all, instead she'd just avoid you at all times. You can't appreciate being friend-zoned and then tell her you want to be more than just friends. Especially if you ask in a forceful manner, that's just going to make her scared and avoid you because you'd sound threatening and controlling. That's how you earn disrespect from girls.

  • I get friendzone all the time on here so i could careless about it xP

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