What do guys/boyfriends like to be called by girls/girlfriends?

What do you like to be called most. Any others you can comment? What don't you like being called?

  • Baby-babe
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  • Tiger, cowboy, etc. , manly names.
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  • Love
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  • Sugar plum, cuddly boo, other girly 'cute' names, etc. (although I doubt you all hate those)
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  • Handsome
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I've always been really partial to handsome. I love love love being called that!

    Babe is great too, as is love. Things like tiger and cowboy, on the other hand, would probably make me laugh a little. Haha!


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What Guys Said 1

  • I can't choose among those names of affection because none is so personal as my own name. I have mini-orgasms merely hearing my life-partner say my name even when she is angry.


What Girls Said 1

  • I typically call my SO other by their name. I've also used babe, baby, and honey.