Tips for a girl who says she cares a lot, but isn't ready for a relationship?

So I've known this girl for a few months now. She sits by me in one of my classes. We've gone out a couple times and she knows I like her. She said she is attracted to me and she cares about me, but she doesn't show it.

She says she's been hurt before and that she's not ready for anything right now. To me that usually means that a girl isn't interested, but when I ask her straight up, she says she does like me. She just doesn't want to lure me on because she isn't ready. Naturally I think it's bullshit though.

I told her she could be 100% honest with me, but she still hasn't said anything. I just need advice on this situation cuz its really killing me just not knowing. I don't if I should try to maintain some sort of relationship with her or just cut things off.

She never tries to set up any plans and rarely starts conversations with me over texts. I tried making a few plans with her recently but she kept pulling out so I stopped trying.


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  • Well, if she at least would of talked to you first of go out with you, then there would of been more interest. If you really wanna test her, try to be distant, go out with other people, don't initiate anything with her, show her that you can have fun without her, trust me, she will reach out to you in no time if she truly cares about you. Good Luck!

    • Yeah, I guess there's not much else I can do haha

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  • if she is the kind of girl who doesn't like to start conversation or who just keeps on pulling out so it seems like she is not interested or really not ready for another relationship

    • She always seems to enjoy talking to me. She would even wait for me after class

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    • I know! And like she sends me snapchats of herself even tho I never respond. Im just so confused by her. Like why can't people just be honest. Either you like someone or you dont.

    • yeah i know it sucks!

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  • Cut it off. If you want to maintain some kind of relationship with her (By this I mean a friendship or whatever), then that's up to you. Just don't expect a relationship out of this girl.