They said I'm hard to get and intimidating?

My two guy friends were trying to help their friend out (who likes me) and so i told them what i looked for in guys.

I listed 5 qualities and explained them what i liked and didn't like in terms of actions.

-Funny (I'm sarcastic so..)
-Smart ( 80+ average)
-Don't show too much feelings
-Quiet/ calm doesn't talk too much
-Laid back ( Just chill out , lets cuddle, don't speak)
-Not clingy ( Don't hold my hand EVERYWHERE we go)
-Non smoker ( Not even up for discussion)
-Basically a GOOD boy

They came to a conclusion that i'm hard to get and intimidating?

-I have a serious face
-Don't usually approach
-I dress laid back and never cleavage showing

How is this hard to get? I have preferences... is that bad?
Too much maybe?


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  • Your qualities in what you look for a guy aren't bad at all. I can't keep quiet, I'm the type that's a free spirit and likes conversations but I do adapt to my environment so if you don't want to talk much and just sit there and not say much then okay but if you put a limit on how much a person can talk that's kind of constricting. It makes them have to be aware of themselves and not just in their natural state. I like my peace and quiet sometimes but then there would be times where life is just amazing and I just want to do stuff. We don't have to talk if you don't want too. I show moderate feelings. Again, depending on the environment I will show less feelings or more feelings, I'm usually a enthusiastic, passionate, driven, fun, random guy so yeah. Everything else I have down.

    Your serious face is what makes you not approachable. Why would a guy approach a girl with a serious face? Your body language and face says it all if you are approachable or not. Don't usually approach? Well, that's okay BUT as long as you give non verbal signals that you want to be approach. That's fine if you dress laid back, as long as you're cute. It's good to dress different and make the guys go, "Wow.. You look beautiful in that dress." or "I like your outfit. You look gorgeous."

    How is this hard to get? It's semi-hard. It feels like you shield yourself or put up a imaginary wall in some kind of way. You just don't want to put up with bullshit guys and that's fine.

    I have preferences... is that bad? No, not at all. That's perfectly fine. You know what you want. But at the same time most people don't really know what they want until they come across a person who is the exception. You can't control who you love.

    Too much maybe? Yeah, just a little haha.


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  • Hard to get is when a girl is playing games with a guy and they are already talking and such. The whole intimidating thing is typically something girls tell themselves when a guy is not interested in them and they need self esteem.

    if a guy were to claim guys are intimidated by you that guy just has social phobias.

  • hard to get for these guys is any girl who isn't willing to put out right away. the only problem i have with your qualifications is that he must have an 80 + average to be smart. not all smart guys have 80 + averages. some guy are very intelligent and smart but they dont take tests well or they dont have good studying habits. but outside of that , your qualifications are very sensible for a girl your age

  • I sound kind of pretentious. most guys don't like that. try to smile more and not be so picky n judgmental. no one is perfect.

    • when it comes to those qualifications i dont think she is being too picky.

  • You asked teenage boys who know nothing of the world how they perceive you and they gave you two very overused cliches that happen to counteract each other because they are teenage boys who know nothing of the world.

  • Not really.

    Albeit, it tends to be the self-serving answer to keep one's self-esteem in tact.


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  • guys tell me that all the time..apparently I'm too hard to get.

    It's not a bad thing to have set goals in a guy, but sometimes, you might have to lower them a little.. I mean, look at the guys we have to choose from these days.