Texts me, makes plans, and cancels last minute! whats his deal?

Im seeing this guy its been 3 months, he's a pro boxer so he has a crazy schedule. everything was perfect he was taking me to his events and introducing me to everyone, even wanted to introduce me to his daughter. but now i havnt seen him in 3 weeks, and he texts me all the time seeing how im doing, but he keeps making plans with me and then ditching last minute, whats his deal? is he just not that into me anymore? i know he has a big fight in a month but how busy can you be?


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  • I think you should try talking to him about it. 3 months is a long time for you to go out with someone and then have them suddenly start flaking on you.

    If he has a big fight coming up, I'm sure he is insanely busy but the problem is him making plans and then cancelling. That shouldn't be happening.


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